Ancient Warriors Slot Demo: Volatility, RTP & Paylines

The Asian-themed slot machine named Ancient Warriors Slot Demo from the Crazy Tooth Studio is now available for players to sweep a leg. Though it may not be the studio’s first trip to the exotic Far East, it is the first time they will employ their newly invented See-Thru-Reels mechanism.

It is perhaps overhyped compared to what it might actually be, but we’ll get to that, just like their other recent mechanic, the Big BuildUp seen in Banana Drop. Let’s “Activate the Ancient Warriors to reveal the hidden treasures.” for the time being, as the film studio advises.

Ancient Warriors Slot Demo is a Microgaming-powered slot machine that hosts the action on a 4 by 6 grid with 6 rows on each reel. This uncommon configuration, which also includes the Any Adjacent Pays mechanism, has 50 paylines. This effectively means that winning combinations are no longer restricted to the first reel and can begin on any reel.

Warriors can choose from a wide range of wagers, starting at 20 percent and going up to £/€115 for each spin at the top end. The math model’s volatility is also quite high, and the 96% RTP rating is exactly average. Another high number is the hit rate of 29.22%, which results in wins on almost one-third of all spins.

You would be right to assume that the See-Thru-Reels mechanism isn’t novel. See-through reels are translucent reels, which have also been used in the past. The transparent reels add to Ancient Warriors’ aesthetic appeal, which is already quite appealing for a slot game.

The developers of Crazy Tooth have effectively used animations, panning views, and parallax scrolling throughout the game. Some people will find the video game outcome appealing, while others might feel queasy. Hats off to the graphics team because it was beautifully executed in both instances.

Two peculiar Crazy Tooth characteristics of Ancient Warriors Slot Demo symbols come to mind right away: high and low-pay groups all have the same value. The values are also low. Why? Who knows, but it’s a trait shared by many Crazy Tooth.

In that case, the lows are J-A neon royals, which are worth 0.3 or 0.7 times their value for three or four of a kind. Equally neon-styled creatures like snakes, cats, and monkeys offer high payouts, worth 0.5x or 1.5x for three or four of a kind. Thankfully, the features bring in some wild/multiplier action, which is desperately needed when working with values of this nature.

Ancient Warriors Slot Demo: Features

To understand the features, you must be familiar with the feature sign and the scatter symbols. The feature symbol is a circular icon that resembles a Chinese character; depending on where it lands, it will change into one of two modifiers. In stacks of 3, 4, or 5 symbols, if precisely 1 or 2 feature symbols land, they transform into Yin & Yang wilds. To form a winning combination, wilds can take the place of any regular symbol from the paytable.

The Piled Multiplier, which can also be activated when feature symbols land stacked in rows of 3, 4, or 5, is the following modifier. When this requirement is met, the symbols transform into an Ancient Warrior and swipe the reels with a weapon, becoming wild multipliers. Wild multipliers show x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10 values. Both modifiers might show up on the same spin if feature symbols meet both requirements simultaneously.

The Ancient Warriors Slot Demo Bonus Spins bonus is the final one, and it starts when three or more scatter symbols appear in view. Once activated, the player receives 5 bonus spins during which any modifiers provided by feature symbols are permanently locked on the reels. 

Additionally, up to a maximum of 10 free spins are added with each scatter landing. Other popular slot games that are worth checking out include the Fishin Frenzy Big Catch Megaways.

Ancient Warriors Slot Demo: Verdict

You have to give it to Crazy Tooth Studio; they consistently include a perplexing element in their games. There is always at least one aspect that elicits a response, whether it be positive, negative, humorous, or perplexing. Now, get your game on. Read more here for the hottest slot game reviews for the ultimate gaming experience.

The patented See-Thru-Reels device is being used this time. Transparent, partially transparent, or see-through reels have been used for a long time, so it’s unlikely that they will cause a major stir in the iGaming industry. 

It’s a bit of a pitiful attempt to ride the hype created by the trademark, similar to Banana Drop’s Big BuildUp. We haven’t seen the full potential of this device yet, but hey, it’s still early. Maybe Ancient Warriors is just the tip of the iceberg.

However, See-Thru-Reels do contribute to the game’s overall appeal. Animations during the Stacked Multipliers feature and the way symbols appear on the reels give Ancient Warriors Slot Demo a console-like vibe. 

They will irritate some people while entertaining others. These animations ultimately end up being more memorable than the See-Thru dynamic in some ways and do offer more than they take away.

There is a sense that Crazy Tooth Studio is bringing Ancient Warriors closer to the public. Maybe the public’s interest wasn’t quite as piqued by their more experimental timeslots as intended. That’s advantageous in certain respects – does anyone remember The Incredible Balloon Machine?

It’s unfortunate in some aspects. Even if what they concoct is a Lovecraftian lunacy brought on by spending too much time peering into reality’s warp, it’s nice to know that crazy professor types are testing the limits.

In conclusion, and to stay on topic, Ancient Warriors Slot Demo is another Crazy Tooth slot that tries hard but ultimately falls short. It has a fantastic appearance, cool See-Thru-Reels, and cool visuals and motion. 

Just a shame that the game’s limited potential means that even if you manage to “unlock the riches,” there won’t be anything waiting for you. Take your gaming to the next level by reading our hottest selection at