Centurion Megaways Slot Demo: Features, RTP & Volatility

As the saying goes, “all roads lead to Rome,” and it certainly seems to be the case with game company Inspired Gaming. The third entry in their well-liked “Centurion” series and the first to make use of the Megaways game engine is Centurion Megaways Slot Demo. 

Inspired, a well-liked slot machine in UK betting shops has stuffed Centurion Megaways to the gills with a vast range of features while maximizing what Megaways has to offer.

The series’ setting, chosen by Inspired, is a tranquil period in Roman history. As the most powerful civilization in the world, the sun is shining, the crops are flourishing, and the buildings sparkle. 

Our friend and protagonist Maximum Winnus, who hasn’t changed a bit since making his debut in the original Centurion slot, is equally upbeat. He adds some personality to the proceedings while maintaining his stout jaw.

Centurion Megaways Slot Demo, which is available to play from 20 cents to £/€20 per spin, has one of the highest RTPs in the series, clocking in at 95.9%, a figure that should appease most aspiring legionaries. The significant potential and moderate volatility should be taken into consideration, as well as the relatively even gaming.

Maximum Winnus is typically found in a bush beneath the game grid, which is your standard Megaways arrangement with 6 reels and 2 to 7 symbols on each. Additionally, the top has a horizontal 4-position Extra Reel. On each spin, a varying amount of symbols land, creating 324 to 117,649 possible winning combinations.

Players need at least two or three matching symbols on successive reels starting from the leftmost to truly win. The game’s Cascade function activates each time this occurs. In the beginning, winning symbols are removed from the reels to make room for fresh ones to fill in the spaces. This can result in further winners, extending the duration of the Cascade feature until no new combinations emerge.

The lower-value J-A royals, which are presented in a lovely vibrant font, are the first pay symbol. Coins, helmets, swords, the Colosseum, and chariots are among the high-paying symbols that remain the same from the original game, which is a welcome return.

These symbols in Centurion Megaways Slot Demo have values ranging from 1.75 to 7.5 times the bet. The Logo is the one you desire because it pays on two of a kind while six of a kind is worth fifty times the bet. The wreath-wrapped symbol is the wild; it only appears on the Extra Reel and can be used in place of any other regular pay symbol to increase your chances of winning.

Centurion Megaways Slot Demo: Features

The list of qualities presented here would satisfy even the most discerning ancient Roman, who was notorious for indulging. There is a lot to discuss, so settle in, perhaps on one of those Roman sofas, and take it all in at your own pace.

Maximum Winnus’s cover in the bushes was described. He does, however, occasionally appear to announce a reel modifier. There is 5 total, It was stated how Winnus took refuge in the bushes. But on occasion, he does show up to introduce a reel modification. Five in total, one of which may be awarded at random on any basic game spin.

  • A minimum win of 20 times is given in a big win.
  • Super Bonus Reels: Additional scatter symbols are added to the reels to increase the likelihood that bonus features will be activated.
  • Minimum Ways: The following spin will have a predetermined minimum of winning ways.
  • Maximum ways will be used, or all 117,649 Megaways.
  • Up to 100 mystery symbols may be added to the reels as mystery symbols. The same pay symbol appears in place of all visible mystery symbols.

The Bonus Wheel is activated when 3 or more Centurion scatter symbols touch the ground. The likelihood of winning one of the more profitable bonus games increases with the number of scatters. 

Players may also decide to gamble a win from one of the less desirable games in an attempt to win one of the better ones. Any feature that is being bet on has a chance of losing, in which case a mystery cash prize is given out in its place.

Prizes on Parade and Super Prizes on Parade are the initial features of the Bonus Wheel. A flashing light passes across these three soldiers as they wield shields showing rewards, arrows, or other collectibles. Players can collect cash prizes by pressing the stop button, while arrows advance to the next shield, where the rewards are higher.

The feature expires if you land on collect. Players can win between 10 and 43 times their wager during Prizes on Parade or between 18 and 65 times during Super Prizes on Parade. The third shield also has a chance to award Caesar’s Free Spins.

Caesar’s Free Spins and Super Caesar’s Free Spins are the following. With Caesar’s Free Spins, players spin wheels to receive 6 to 12 free spins with a win multiplier starting at 1-3. Alternatively, Super Caesar’s Free Spins offers 8–16 free spins with a 1–5 win multiplier.

Each Cascade during the feature raises the win multiplier. Five additional Caesar’s Free Spins or ten additional Super Caesar’s Free Spins are awarded for landing three scatters on the Extra Reel.

The Wild Power Spins and Super Wild Power Spins bring things to a head. Maximum Winnus adds a wild reel to reel 2 on the first spin, a second wild stack to reel 3, and a third wild reel to reel 4 on the third and final spin of the normal Wild Power Spins.

The procedure is the same for Super Wild Power Spins, with the exception that on the fourth spin, the Centurion adds a fifth wild reel to reel 5. For the duration of the spins, all wild reels are locked, and each one shows a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x6. Positively, multipliers were divided by one another rather than being added. This feature does not include cascades and does not use the extra reel.

In Centurion Megaways Slot Demo, the Spin Chance is a final technological aspect. Players might be given the option to take one more spin at their current bet level if their balance is higher than zero but lower than the current level. If you’re looking for a change of pace, try these related Blueprint gaming slots.

Centurion Megaways Slot Demo: Verdict

Centurion Megaways Slot Demo is one of the most feature-rich slots available that is comparable to those from Blueprint Gaming in terms of extras. There is always something to look forward to, from the myriad features to the reel modifiers that keep the game moving. 

Fans of the series will be delighted by all the add-ons Inspired has crammed in and will feel right at home in the lush, fertile surroundings of ancient Italy.

The game has a longer shelf life because there are so many to try, regardless of whether you choose to bet on the bonus game that was offered. While Wild Power Spins are fascinating, Caesar’s Free Spins are a pretty common Megaways feature.

Even though you might not get many spins with them, there is a chance that they will turn into a hotbed of wild/multiplier action. It suggests that potential, which is capped at 12,500 times the stake, is another area in which Centurion Megaways Slot Demo excels.

In general, Inspired has done a fantastic job of resurrecting and strengthening the series’ soul. One of those lighthearted slots that are difficult to dislike is Centurion Megaways Slot Demo. It begins with cherry, sunny images that are emphasized by Maximum Winnus’s slapstick humor, helped by a ton of features, and finished with a lot of promising potentials.

Similar to the Roman Empire at its prime, it’s difficult not to smile and feel like everything is right in the world when the game is going well. There is no reason Centurion Megaways Slot Demo won’t be a success like the Centurion slots have been, both online and off. Join the virtual casino and play the latest and greatest slot games. Read more review articles for expert insights.

Aside: Around the same time, Inspired rebuilt Reel King Megaways, a classic with an old-school vibe. It will be fascinating to see how the two compare in terms of popularity since they both have a lot of firepowers. Ready to hit the jackpot? Join our dailygram.com site and play the best slot games today!