Diamonds are Forever 3 Lines Slot Demo Machine: Looks and All Explanations

A brand-new slot machine from Top Game, Diamonds are Forever 3 Line slot, appears to be aiming squarely at the market for traditional slots. Many people believe that the game has gotten off to a dubious start because it is fundamentally a 3-reel slot machine with a fairly constrained feature set.

Another “mashup” of motifs, this game combines a diamond theme with more traditional symbols like sevens. The concept of a “mashup” is actually rather popular, so popular in fact that we really wish they had thought to try to take it in a different route. 

Having said that, the game play itself seems to be reasonably well designed, even if a little bit formulaic, for a 3-reel, 3-payline game. The following examines Diamonds are Forever 3 Line in-depth and provides a response to the query of whether or not players should devote time and effort to this game.

Looks – Basically Basic Design

Diamonds are Forever 3 Line isn’t for you if you’re seeking for a fresh or unique gaming experience. There are only 3 paylines available to be activated in this extremely straightforward 3-reel game. The game offers a wild symbol as its only bonus feature and a top prize of $30,000 overall. 

Since the most basic 1 payline games to 25 payline big payoff games are available on Top Game, it is difficult to discern how Diamonds are Forever 3 Line fits into the overall scheme. Having said that, this game does have some advantages, especially from the standpoint of classic games.

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Symbol – Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

The game’s subject is diamonds, however the theme isn’t present throughout the entire game because the reels’ symbols are a mixture of diamonds and other, more conventional symbols. The reels are the traditional white color, and the background is a really attractive, eye-catching dark blue. Although a little on the classic side, the graphics are well done with clear, sharp images.

The controls are simple to use, and the game UI is very typical for a Top Game slots game. If you choose to sit back and see where your luck leads you, it also has an auto play mode.

More specifically, the controls are quite normal for this kind of game, with a single coin per line and a betting range from $0.01 to a $5 maximum. The betting mechanism is a simple Top Game style, as well. You can select which lines you want to be active using the system, but if you hit a wild on one of those lines, you’ll kick yourself.

Feature – Delving into the Deep Blue

The sole extra feature in the game is a blue 7 icon that serves as a wild. Which seems a little strange because one would anticipate the game’s name to reflect its hero. This is untrue because the blue Seven is what awards the substantial reward. There is just one more little inconsistency in the game, which doesn’t matter but lessens its attractiveness still.

The Seven (the game’s scatter symbol) can benefit the player in a few different ways when it occurs on an active payline. First, you will win the large prize if you fill the payline with sevens, or three across. However, you are much more likely to substitute them for other symbols to form combinations for lower prizes.

Stake – From Stones to Cash

Source from MIB700 sites, If the $5 maximum stake is used, the payout on the Blue Sevens is 6,000 coins, or a staggering $30,000 dollars. Sincere to say, despite the fact that the game contains a lot of subpar components, this jackpot is a great show-stopper for a variety of reasons.

Finale: Shining Bright, but not Quite a Diamond

Is Diamonds are Forever 3 Line worth playing, to address the topic at hand. Both yes and no are the responses to it. The game is a reasonably typical illustration of a 3-reel slots game in the vintage style. In many ways, it’s at best decent, however it should be noted that the game is really simple to play.

The issue is that it doesn’t really demonstrate anything to differentiate itself from the competition. Top Games offers a number of machines with comparable features that have stronger themes and superior overall design and execution. However, if you need a quick fix and are in a bind, you can rely on Diamonds are Forever 3 Line to satisfy your desire for gambling. Still often tired of playing slots? Then you need to pay attention to hockey hours playing higgs domino fafafa slots and of course you also have to understand how to win higgs domino slots.