Gemix 2 Slot Demo: Game Released by Play’n GO with 96.2% RTP

In this article, I will invite you to get to know more deeply and try the Gemix 2 Slot Demo. Wanna know? Let’s see the full review through the summary below.

Seven years have passed since Play’n GO released Gemix, the sequel to one of their earliest grid slot blockbusters. While Play’n GO has successfully replicated the original’s popular model, in which the soundtrack plays a significant role, some ingenious tweaks have been made to the way features work in Gemix 2 Slot Demo.

As well as the addition of a new character and a new setting. They also improved the remainder of the game, and after watching Reactoonz 2 fail, Play’n GO is optimistic Gemix 2 Slot Demo will receive better reviews.

Gemix, the follow-up to one of Play’n GO’s first grid slot hits, was released seven years ago. Gemix 2 Slot Demo contains several clever changes to the way features operate, as well as the inclusion of a new character and a new environment, while Play’n GO has effectively duplicated the original’s widely-liked model, in which the music plays a key part.

They also upgraded the remaining portions of the game, and Play’n GO is hopeful that Gemix 2 Slot Demo will get better ratings after seeing Reactoonz 2 fail.

Players may make wagers on Gemix 2 on any device between 10p and £/€100 per spin, which is the standard Play’n GO range. With a value of 96.2%, RTP is also very usual for the studio, and volatility is set to medium, which is similar to part one. Naturally, potential is more than before at 7,500x, albeit not significantly so considering that Play’n GO claims the original may provide winnings of up to 4,500x (which we are yet to see some 7 years later).

The area of symbols is the subject of one of the subtractions. The pay symbols in Gemix 2 Slot Demo are the same as in the first game: eight stones or candies of varied sizes and hues. The values themselves have decreased.

Clusters of 15 or more symbols are now valued 4 to 200 times the stake, as opposed to the prior range of 7.5 to 1000. When five or more matching symbols land in a line that connects vertically or horizontally, the player has formed a winning cluster. Then, these clusters are eliminated, and they are replaced by fresh symbols that fall from the sky. Repeat victories are not only conceivable, but also necessary for features to occur.

A charge meter, a regular component in Play’n GO grid slots that in this case results in 4 modifiers, is present. By no means does it end there, though, as Aw8indo slot site players can also take advantage of a Super Charge, World Patterns, Pick A Pocket, and World Wilds. When 25 or more winning symbols are gathered in a single spin, the Crystal Charge meter is fully charged. One of four Crystal Charge modifiers strikes the grid as a result.

  • Nova Blast: A single symbol bursts, obliterating and changing surrounding symbols.
  • One type of symbol is randomly chosen in the Crystal Warp and warps to other symbol types.
  • Light Beam: One symbol fires light beams that change any other symbols they strike.
  • Chain Lightning is when a lightning bolt connects two corner symbols. All transposed symbols merge into a corner symbol.

A Super Charge is triggered when 50 or more symbols have been collected, unleashing all 4 effects as well as an x2 multiplier. The Super Charge is reset after each subsequent batch of 50 gathered symbols, and the multiplier is increased by 2 up to x20. The World Pattern is back, like before. These blue tiles are located underneath the grid’s pay symbols.

When victories occur on top of these tiles, they turn yellow. All victories raise a reward fund known as the World Bonus, which is cleared when the entire pattern turns yellow. After finishing World Patterns, G-Nome appears on-screen and may be seen wearing a coat with two pockets. To win the World Bonus, select the appropriate one.

In addition to all of this, four guardians that emerge randomly throughout the game each award a different wild symbol. The miner can add up to 10 wilds at once, while the brisk hero can add up to 2 Mega wilds with multipliers attached. The princess supplies edge-to-edge wilds, while the wizard offers up to five sticky wilds.

Gemix 2 Slot Demo: Conclusion

Gemix 2 Slot Demo might be a good option if you’re looking for a pleasant grid slot that is prettier than it is risky. It has a ton of features, oddball characters, and is charming in spades.

It has been changed, but maybe not sufficiently to say that it is a unique game in its own right or significantly different from the original. Lessened symbol values, for example, make Gemix 2 more difficult to start off at lower levels, but larger multipliers allow it to surpass its sister when things are going well.

Gemix 2 is undoubtedly very playable. It not only has the same look and feel of Candy Crush, but it also has the same crazy ‘just one more’ spin element that makes it difficult to put down. Strangely, the World Pattern feature is one of the primary motivators. Although there is a financial incentive to change those blue to yellow bricks, there is a deeper motive at work.

The similar impulse appears while arranging pieces in Tetris-style games or when mowing the grass in satisfyingly straight lines. We may have a deep-seated want to create symmetry and order in an otherwise chaotic and unpredictable universe. However, it may simply be the money.

In terms of money, Gemix 2’s earning potential has grown, as it frequently does to make the follow-up attractive, albeit the improvement isn’t very significant. The spin that resulted in a 7,500x the stake payoff would be insane. In order to achieve such a victory, Gemix 2 threw everything but the kitchen sink into the mix.

The frequently drastically decreased symbol values are what most frequently hurts your possibilities. Get part two one on a giant roll as recompense; its game-changing component is a multiplier of x20, which is far larger than the x3 seen in the original.

It would be fascinating to watch how Gemix 2 does in light of the unimpressive reception Reactoonz 2 received. Gemix and Gemix 2 appear to differ more from one another than the two Reactoonz games, but only time will tell. Regarding the passage of time, Gemix 2 makes you realize how skillfully the first was created. 

Gemix 2 Slot Demo may sound complicated, but the goal is to obtain as many consecutive victories as you can to reactivate the Super Charge function. Simple in principle, but more difficult to overcome in practice.

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