Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo: Reels, Paylines & RTP

Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo. Developer Fantasma Games builds on the fantasy theme of the earlier slot machine they produced, Heroes Hunt Megaways, while also taking a darker turn. This time, the Swedish studio takes players far beneath the earth as ghosts travel down the Styx River to the underworld.

There are fortunes to be had for the brave or at the very least the fortunate players. According to Fantasma, the goal is to escape the underworld with as much wealth as you can. We can accept that goal despite its evil concept, and Fantasma has created a somber setting for it. In all its ethereal splendor, a 5-reel, 10-payline grid is set in a craggy, deep underworld.

The Creator of Hades – River of Souls Slot, Fantasma’s creative team has created a fantastic scenario, however, it may have been much more powerful if we could have seen more of it due to the grid’s transparency. A special symbols panel that occupies even more of the screen is located above the reels, further obstructing the player’s view. Just a minor remark, nothing huge.

We can see crags and rocks around the playing area, and ominous-looking sparks are rising up from the earth. When you contemplate what happens to the wretched folks down there, the scene sends a shiver up your spine. On the plus side, this is a cartoon and not the real thing, so let’s see the bright side.

The audio merits mention in relation to sensory experience. At times, it causes the hair on the back of your neck to rise. Excellent chorus work, including a sweet Book of Ra-style blast when specific symbols or events occur, is accompanied by an ominous, rumbling soundtrack.

It’s not difficult to see an eternity down there as a harsh fate. Some of those difficult periods have been transformed by Fantasma into a highly unstable math model. 

There is some potential, but you should be aware that getting your hands on illicit riches won’t be simple. A strong RTP of 96.56% and a hit frequency of nearly one in five (19.49%) contribute to the overall balance. Read more here to learn more about slots’ volatility.

This game is available on all platforms Winners happen when three or more matching symbols land on one of the 10 pay lines — both ways — from 20 cents to £/€100 per spin. Thus, winning combinations increase your chances by paying both from right to left and left to right.

Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo is inspired by greek mythology and is nicely represented in the paytable. A good place to start is with the low pay, which Fantasma skillfully designed to resemble those antique pots you see in museums with ravens, snakes, deer, bulls, and lions inlaid. A kind of gyro, a helmet, Cerberus, Persephone, and, of course, Hades as the most valuable pay symbol, are the high pays, listed in ascending order.

The payout for five Hades on a line is 10 times the initial wager, which thanks to paying both ways, multiplies to 20. Hades was said to be Cronus’ oldest offspring and the last to be regurgitated by him. It is obvious that his experience qualifies him for the top position on the pay scale.

Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo: Features

In Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo, there are plenty of features in the slot version, just as there are plenty of souls in the underworld. Avalanches, Wild Souls Multipliers, the Skull of Charon, and Hades Free Spins are just a few of the base and bonus game features available to players.

Every time there is a win, avalanches appear in all game modes and start to move. There are further chances to win by allowing fresh symbols to fall after all of the symbols in the winning combination have been removed. Players can track special symbols above the reels in hopes that they will fall down when avalanches occur.

The Wild Souls Multiplier, which starts at x1, depends on wild symbols. The Wild Souls Multiplier is increased by +1 for every three of the wilds played in a winning combination. The wild can replace any normal pay symbol. Avalanche sequences come to an end, and the multiplier is then applied to the overall win. On new spins in the base game, it resets to x1.

The grinning skull symbol activates The Skull of Charon feature, which features what is arguably the most upbeat representation of Charon ever. When there are no more winning combinations, the skull symbol may occur on any spin. Then it moves around the reels, removing 2–10 random regular symbols to make room for new ones that offer more winning opportunities.

This brings us to the game’s high point: the Hades Free Spins. Here, you want the Golden Trident icons since three of them trigger 10 free spins. The total spins increase by 5 for each additional trident that comes into view. 

Three winning wild combinations during a round of free spins boost the multiplier by two, with the added bonus that it never resets between spins. The same method can be used to activate the feature again, like in the King Carrot slot.

Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo: Verdict

Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo is a well-designed slot with several very enjoyable features. The rewards are there for the brave and fortunate, but it can be challenging to crack. It reminded me of PopRocks from Avatar UX for some reason.

Both games are challenging, extremely unpredictable slots that rely on a progressive multiplier to maximize their potential. The best in Hades’ case entails potential payouts of up to 5,058 times your initial investment. Both games have a similar feel, but Hades triumphs thanks in large part to its excellent audio and excellent visual presentation.

Seeing special symbols above the reels in the queue is a double-edged sword in terms of graphics. When they cascade in precisely where you want them, it is epic; when they don’t, it is annoying.

Overall, Hades – River of Souls Slot Demo it’s a clever concept. Overall, Fantasma Games has created a new slot that is quite playable. In terms of maximum rewards or gameplay, it falls short of Heroes Hunt Megaways. Nevertheless, it’s a really atmospheric game with some intriguing elements and potential to boot. Go visit contentdigital.seesaa.net for more slot review articles.