Sushi Yatta Slot Review (RTP 96.92%) GameArt

Are you searching for the Sushi Yatta slot review? This game is a fascinating slot machine, and it appears that GameArt had a lot of fun developing it and including interesting elements. 

The plot revolves on five individuals, and it is influenced by Japan and its cuisine, with sashimi and nigiri luring us, as well as some distinctive elements.

Summary of Sushi Yatta Slot Review

You’re looking at a game that uses cascading reels and has 15×1 reels. It centers around clients from whom you’re attempting to obtain positive feedback, each of whom has a unique attribute that could trigger for you. 

Wilds, scatters, Super Sakes, and respins are also available. Overall, you’re aiming for wins of up to 200x from each win, with multipliers allowing for a maximum of 4,000x. Just need to visit situs slot gacor to play it.

1. Wagering Options

To begin playing this slot, you must choose a stake between $0.10 and $10.

Sushi Yatta can pay up to 200x in most cases, but there are also respins and up to 20x multipliers, and the maximum payout looks to be 4,000x. The RTP is 96.92%, which is excellent.

2. Game Features

Sushi Yatta’s action revolves around 15 symbols, among which you’ll find the five major characters, the customers you’re attempting to satisfy. Each consumer gets you a 3-star rating when you first start playing, but you must keep him satisfied or his rating will drop. 

To keep these clients pleased, you must feed them, and in order to do so, you must place premium symbols in front of them that are not winners for you. When the Customer consumes it, one star is added to his rating, and a cascade of symbols is triggered.

  • Maneki-Neko is a Japanese cat that eats high-value symbols.
  • Aiko: consumes a high-value symbol before ending the cascades with a wild.
  • After devouring a high symbol, the Sea Monster eliminates low symbols and exits the gaming area. If he gets too hungry, he can also eat other customers.
  • Sota Sumo takes up two seats and swallows two high-value symbols, leaving wilds in their place.
  • After eating a high symbol, the Uki Unicorn turns low symbols into extra wilds (up to 5). The gaming area is then exited.

If a scatter appears in front of the Customer, you will be awarded three respins. Super Sakes can then apply, providing you with up to 20x multipliers for select customers. For the respins feature, the Super Sakes are sticky.

All of this will be aided by wild symbols, which will substitute for regular symbols wherever possible. These wilds can also make their own combos, paying as much as the top symbol (up to 200x the bet).

3. Game Theme and Design

It’s a restaurant/sushi theme with obvious Japanese roots and a cast of individuals who are connected to the culture of the country. Uki Unicorn, Sota Sumo, Aiko, Sea Monster, and Maneki-Neko are the names given to the five clients.

Final Words

It’s not your standard slot machine, but that’s one of its selling points. It may appear complicated at first, but all you have to do is put a wager and click the Spin button to take advantage of it. Well, it is our Sushi Yatta slot review that  you can figure out. 

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