The Demon Code Slot Demo: Features, Volatility & RTP

The Demon Code Slot Demo is not the slot version of Adam Blake’s book, in case any of you gambling degenerates were wondering. But it is NextGen Gaming, a partner of SG Digital, first grid position. 

The studio opted for the darkest subject imaginable, packing the slot with images of monsters and otherworldly beings. Using slick animations and atmospheric effects have given plenty of opportunity to integrate a number of elements with the theme.

Although The Demon Code Slot Demo doesn’t immediately make you go boomshanka, it is appealing and has a constant, alluring allure that draws you in. The game’s 6×6 grid is populated by demonic creatures and is set in a frightening dungeon, or underground cavern, where sinister events occur.

They appear in several of the features in addition to along the grid’s sides. The music serves as a pleasant background, reminiscent of a Robert Downey Jr.-starring historical drama like Sherlock Holmes.

With stakes ranging from 10 cents to £/€20 per spin on any device, players can participate in the action. The RTP was reported to be 96.26%, while the volatility was near the high end of the range. Wins appeared quite frequently during test runs, though the majority of them were on the low side. Information regarding the hit rate was not available.

Four or more identical symbols must line up horizontally or vertically in order to win. As winning clusters are removed from the grid, fresh symbols fall into the empty spaces, giving players new opportunities to win.

A win multiplier is also applied to clusters; it starts at x1 and rises by +1 whenever another winning cluster forms or the Enter the Void feature* is activated (*more on that below). The win multiplier can be increased indefinitely, but every new spin causes it to reset.

Eight common pay symbols are used in The Demon Code Slot Demo, split evenly between low and high rewards. Four diamond-shaped objects represent the lows, while several orbs or gems stand in for the highs. With values ranging from 10x to 50x the wager, the top rewarding clusters have 25 or more identical symbols. Since it can replace any of the pay symbols, the wild symbol is helpful in this situation as well.

The Demon Code Slot Demo: Features

There are a lot of features in The Demon Code Slot Demo, including several modifiers and a triggered batch of free spins. The four talisman symbols that randomly appear on cascades to activate one of the Demon Summon features are as follows:

  • Ancient Alchemy (Green Demon): Mystery symbols are added, and they all transform into the same matching symbol.
  • Cryptic Chaos (Blue Demon): Anywhere on the board, a random symbol is chosen and paid.
  • Dark Design (Purple Demon): The grid with wild symbols is added.
  • Fiery Fusion (Red Demon): Adds a matched 3×3 block, 4×4 block, or 5×5 block at random.

If a cascade doesn’t result in a winner but there is a wild on the board, the Enter the Void feature is activated as a consolation. Here, wild symbols disappear, taking away any paying symbol they are next to, and letting new ones drop in their place.

A meter above the grid is where scatters are collected, so watch out for the scary eye scatter sign. The free game bonus and 10 extra spins are activated when at least 4 scatters are gathered in a cascade pattern. Each additional scatter multiplies the number of free spins by 2 or more if there are more than 4 scattered symbols in the sequence.

The scatter collection system is still in effect during free spins. When 4 scatters are gathered, an additional 2 free spins are given. In addition, the grid gains 1 more row, with a total of 12 rows possible. The scatter meter is depleted and 10 additional spins are given when it reaches this height. After the meter has been reset, 2 additional free spins are automatically added for any scatter that lands.

The win multiplier also does not reset between free spins, and there is no upper limit on how high it can go, which brings us to our final point. The win multiplier is also raised by one whenever 4 scatters are amassed on the meter. Other exciting slot options to consider include the Shark Blitz slot demo.

The Demon Code Slot Demo: Verdict

The Demon Code Slot Demo is a respectable production for a first grid slot, or even a second or third, really. To keep the base game exciting and the level of motivation high, NextGen Gaming has incorporated a number of elements that pop up frequently.

Animations and a theatrical soundtrack enhance the features, flawlessly synchronizing them with the action on the reels. The program functions so effectively that it’s simple to ignore when the fireworks don’t generate much revenue.

The game always improves during free spins. Collecting four scatters feels so much simpler (at least psychologically) when they aren’t cleared between spins, and the non-resetting win multiplier is a blessing in this case. As a result, during testing, there were numerous reel expansions and additional free spins.

Although the advertised maximum win possibility of 12,500 times the stake is a tad unrealistic in this case, there were several good winners. However, to give you an indication of the potential, free spins frequently had multipliers of 30x. Therefore, if you add a multiplier like that to 25 or more red orbs (perhaps with the aid of a Demon Summon modifier), you might potentially gain 1,500x in a single round.

To sum up, NextGen Gaming’s The Demon Code is a great grid slot. The abundant features are functional, and the team did a commendable job with the aesthetics. However, it didn’t have the same immediate impact as Rise of the Mountain King did.

The Demon Code Slot Demo can be extremely frustrating if you get stuck in a never-ending feature chase, but it’s also very entertaining, and when patience and luck happen to align themselves, rewards are available. Step into the virtual casino and read the hottest slot review articles at