Jungle Gorilla Slot Demo: Reels, Paylines & Features

Jungle Gorilla Slot Demo from Pragmatic Play transports players to a wildlife viewing excursion. Nobody around us has any ideas as to who the main character might be. The terrifying (in this case, jovial-laughing) gorilla has now appeared in a good number of slots.

There is little doubt that the designers allowed their inspiration to come from NetEnt’s smash hit Jungle Spirit in terms of aesthetics. Even the name, Jungle Gorilla Slot Demo, is a nod to the vintage NetEnt slot. Coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not. However, it only takes a few spins for the two slots to abruptly diverge. Jungle Gorilla is far more simply because it relies on a single feature to keep players engaged.

With 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 fixed paylines, Pragmatic Play’s Jungle Gorilla is a slot machine that can be wagered from 20 cents to £/€100 per spin. It’s a charming game with ruins, flying butterflies, and falling leaves deep inside a verdant rainforest.

The soundtrack is very pleasant; it features a calming African synth track layered with jungle natural noises. If you’re into that kind of stuff, you could virtually use it as part of your relaxation or meditation routine to decompress and attract good vibes from the universe. Without a doubt, it belonged in a crystal store.

Volatility is prominently highlighted, which is typical for Pragmatic Play and also quite helpful so that players are aware of what they are agreeing to. In the case of Jungle Gorilla, the 3/5 rating places it in the middle of the spectrum of things, and the default RTP of 96.57% is enough without standing out, therefore, there are no problems.

Ten standard pay symbols, a golden gorilla scatter, and a wild are all included in the paytable. Stone J-A symbols covered in ivy are the first pay symbol; thereafter come chameleons, parrots, elephants, tigers, and gorillas. Because multipliers are so important in this game, the paylines’ values are low.

The premiums for a line of five animals range from 2x for chameleons to 4.5x for gorillas. Additionally, the package has a wildcard that can replace all symbols other than the scatter. Let’s look at it since it also benefits from a gaming feature.

Jungle Gorilla Slot Demo: Features

Although it seems like we’ve been saying it a lot lately, Jungle Gorilla doesn’t have a ton of features. There is actually just one, and Pragmatic Play hasn’t even bothered to name it. This is how it goes:

A progressive multiplier that starts at x1 is located above each reel. The multiplier for each reel increases by one whenever one of the golden gorilla scatter symbols lands and flicks upward. Even if a large number of gorilla scatters appear before a multiplier is used, each one is capped at x5 and does not continue to increase in value indefinitely.

The appropriate reel multiplier is given to the symbol whenever a wild appears as part of a win. When there are multiple wild multipliers on a win line, their values are multiplied collectively rather than separately. Any used reel multipliers are reset to x1 following the awarding of the win. 

Any progress made will be saved when changing between the bet levels, but changing to a new bet level resets the multipliers to x1. For more chances to hit the jackpot, give the Centurion slot a spin.

Jungle Gorilla Slot Demo: Verdict

Every time a wild participates in a victory, the corresponding reel multiplier is given to the corresponding wild symbol. A win line’s multipliers are multiplied together rather than added if there are multiple wild multipliers present. 

Any multipliers that were applied to the reels are reset to x1 when the winner is announced. The multipliers begin at x1 when you change to a new bet level, but whatever advancement you have achieved will be saved when you do so.

Despite the feature’s merits, is there anything it is lacking? Maybe a bonus game with multipliers that weren’t limited to x5? On occasion, a reel that has been pummeled by extra scatters that don’t add anything will receive an x5. If it could build up a significant multiplier while you waited, just think of the solid wins it could produce.

The occasional 100 to 250x hit would emerge out of nowhere, which was a good thing. However, testing frequently felt like a never-ending tumble into financial nothingness. 

Be fickle, Fortune advised Juliet, and you can find pleasing rewards in Jungle Gorilla Slot Demo. The maximum single-line payout is 500x, although Pragmatic Play claims that the maximum cumulative payout is 2,800 times the initial bet. An acceptable figure when you take into account your resources.

It might be advisable to play Jungle Gorilla Slot Demo slowly if you’re going to do it. In this manner, you may fully appreciate the multiplier accumulation and the tingling anticipation of their usage. 

On the other hand, if you’re the type of player who likes to move quickly or prefers more sophistication, give Jungle Gorilla a wide berth. Find your perfect slot game at criminalmindsgame.com. Play now and read the reviews.